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I’m Launching A Campaign! It Involves You!

Good Morning, 🙂 I said I’m launching a campaign, but I meant that we’re launching a campaign. We, as in The Human Experience (T.H.E.) Team and I, us and you. I’d love your help with it. It revolves around people, hopefully you, or someone you know, submitting in writing their human experience. The Human Experience is … Continue reading

Would This Giveaway Motivate You to Submit a Human Experience Piece?

“I Am The Human Experience: Lauren Maier” was originally published on November 23, 2013 on The Human Experience. In no particular order, I am a woman, a daughter, a student, a feminist, a nerd, a talker, a thinker, a lover, an ex-lover, a friend, an anglophile, a sort-of gamer, a kid at heart, an only … Continue reading

Untitled – My New Vlog

I’ve been wanting to create a vlog for the past year, and I did today. 🙂 My vlog, with the working title of Young Adult: Queer Edition, will explore identity in relation to sexuality, creativity, the job market, community, self-love and how all of those intersect into the concept of adulthood. This vlog is tied to … Continue reading

How To Get What You Want

I just read a blog post, “What I am Learning from ‘Think and Grow Rich,’ Part One” from a fellow Digital Nomad Academy (DNA) member, Tim. Below is what stood out to me the most. How to get what you want: Define what it is that you want. Decide upon your vision. Determine what price you … Continue reading

Looking for Interns: Bringing Back The Human Experience

Last July, I, along with three other lovely women, Lauren, Sarah and Claudette, created the foundation for an online queer publication called The Human Experience (T.H.E.). You can read the mission here: http://the-humanexperience.com/mission/ I’m bringing T.H.E. back & bringing it to fruition. T.H.E. Wants Interns: I’m also looking for interns. It’s non-paid. What you’ll get from it: … Continue reading

Planning, Life Structure and The Unknown

In about a day I’ll be getting on a plane to London from San Francisco. It’s 8:52pm on Sunday, and I leave at 12:00pm on Tuesday. I just made myself a caffeine drink with 240 milligrams of caffeine. I’m a little nervous, not about flying or traveling, but about work and making sure that all … Continue reading

I Am The Human Experience

I am Emelina. I am a writer, a journalist, an artist, a runner, a nature lover, a caffeine junkie and deeply connected to my family. I am a feminist, a cheese lover and extraordinarily competitive, as well as chill and low key. I love trying new things, new foods and traveling. I want to live … Continue reading

The Human Experience History Timeline: Up to August 9th, 2012

I wrote two blog posts about creating a queer publication called The Human Experience (T.H.E.), I’m Creating a Queer Magazine-ish-Community Site & Join me in the Kickstarter Launch of our Queer Magazine-Community – The Human Experience: Redefining Queer Culture. I love the acronym, T.H.E. 🙂 And I just recently wrote a blog post about going … Continue reading

Help Send Emelina Minero to London for a Queer Youth Leadership Program

The What, When, Where and Why I’m raising money for my plane ticket to get to London for a queer leadership youth program. My goal is $1,300. To contribute, click on this link to The Human Experience blog where you will see a contribution widget. 🙂 I’m creating a publication with a queer focus that … Continue reading

Trans Women Included: Feminism and Trans* Intersections

By Allison Moon LesbianWerewolves.com @TalesofthePack Author of Hungry Ghost, the sequel to Lunatic Fringe. Emelina invited me to share my thoughts on the intersections of Trans* and Feminism, as inspired by a panel I was a part of at WisCon, a feminist Science Fiction/Fantasy conference. The questions I seek to address are listed in this … Continue reading

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