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Voy a Mejorar Mi Español

Tengo una meta para mejorar mi español. Voy a escribir blog posts en español para conseguir esta meta. Por favor, corregirme si encuentras errores. Me estoy comprometiendo a dos cosas cada día: Voy a pasar cinco minutos memorizando vocabulario cada día. Estoy usando memrise.com; tiene una lista de 3,000 palabras. Leí que si sabes las … Continue reading

Studying/Learning Spanish: Resources

I just took an online quiz on conjugating ar verbs in the present tense. I answered 10 questions and got two wrong, the vosotros conjugations. I put the accent on the i instead of the a, which makes sense if I took the time to pronounce it. It sounds silly to have the i accented. … Continue reading

Erratic Ideas

Rapid cycling, I was just going through it. Erratic describes it. Unpleasant. I’m hoping I’ve finished, but it could start up at any moment. I feel good in this moment. I have some ideas. I want to start studying Spanish more seriously, and relearn what I forgot. I also want to read articles in the … Continue reading


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I’m moments away from canceling hosting for The Human Experience (T.H.E.), a queer publication I founded, and it’s blog. That, plus canceling virus protection, I’m going to be saving about $91.90 a month. #Excited I archived all pages on both sites on Wayback Machine. It also represents an energy cleansing and online decluttering.