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My Curve Magazine November Horoscope

I’m a Virgo. I received the November issue of Curve Magazine in the mailbox today. One of the first things I do is flip to my horoscope, which is: Virgo (Aug. 24-Sept. 23) Everything is rosy this November. Not only do you have loads of charisma, you also have ample energy to get your projects up … Continue reading

A List of Lesbian Blogs

When you first come out of the closet, you’re thirsty for knowledge and queer media. When I was in the closet, shows like Glee, American Horror Story, The Fosters and Pretty Little Liars weren’t airing. I didn’t know that queer media existed, let alone a complex community of queer subcultures. I was 19-years-old when I … Continue reading

Planning, Life Structure and The Unknown

In about a day I’ll be getting on a plane to London from San Francisco. It’s 8:52pm on Sunday, and I leave at 12:00pm on Tuesday. I just made myself a caffeine drink with 240 milligrams of caffeine. I’m a little nervous, not about flying or traveling, but about work and making sure that all … Continue reading

The 23rd Annual San Francisco GLAAD Media Awards

A recap of the SF GLAAD Media Awards and why going next year is a must. EMELINA MINERO If you missed the San Francisco GLAAD Media Awards, let us give you a recap. The awards show opened up to a video montage of LGBT media coverage over the past year, both positive and negative, reflecting … Continue reading

Support the Making of Baby Lu – A Queer Coming of Age Film

Q&A with Emily Ray Reese – Writer/Director of Baby Lu Also, Enter to win a Queer Media Package Imagine that you grew up in a rural town of six inhabitants, where you lived off of hunting, fishing and farming. You were raised in a community that lived outside of conventional society, and you are queer. … Continue reading

Frameline36 Press Conference & Film Festival

Before the Press Conference, a Great Film Festival and Two Films, Vito & Kyss Mig, That You Must Watch “She was naked on Mission street.” “Hi. Can I join your conversation?” “Of Course. I’m Eliote.” “I’m Emelina. It’s nice to meet you.” “I’m Sarah.” “Hi, Sarah. It’s nice to meet you.” “Ryan.” “Hi, Ryan. Emelina, … Continue reading

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