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My Curve Magazine November Horoscope

I’m a Virgo. I received the November issue of Curve Magazine in the mailbox today. One of the first things I do is flip to my horoscope, which is: Virgo (Aug. 24-Sept. 23) Everything is rosy this November. Not only do you have loads of charisma, you also have ample energy to get your projects up … Continue reading

My Commitment To Being Authentically Vulnerable

I was editing a blog post, Dream a big Scary Dream!, that my mom wrote for our group blog, Self-Love Warrior, and I absolutely loved it. What she wrote really resonated with me, especially after my experience with the Stonewall Talent Programme and my trip to London (which I’m still in London at the airport, waiting … Continue reading

Join me in the Kickstarter Launch of our Queer Magazine-Community – The Human Experience: Redefining Queer Culture

On my 25th birthday, August 28th, we’ll be launching a Kickstarter Project to raise start-up money for the online magazine-community we’re creating, The Human Experience: Redefining Queer Culture. Our Kickstarter project will last for 60 days, ending on October 26th. What Is Our Fundraising Goal? Our minimum goal: $50,000 Our medium goal: $300,000 Our Ideal … Continue reading

I’m Creating a Queer Magazine-ish-Community Site

I already have this queer blog, right? I do! But I want to create something larger, and something outside of myself. I want to create something that can turn my passions into my career. Working Title – The Human Experience: Redefining Queer Culture What This Magazine-like Site Will Do: It will Open Dialogue: Guest Posts … Continue reading

The 23rd Annual San Francisco GLAAD Media Awards

A recap of the SF GLAAD Media Awards and why going next year is a must. EMELINA MINERO If you missed the San Francisco GLAAD Media Awards, let us give you a recap. The awards show opened up to a video montage of LGBT media coverage over the past year, both positive and negative, reflecting … Continue reading

Frameline36 Press Conference & Film Festival

Before the Press Conference, a Great Film Festival and Two Films, Vito & Kyss Mig, That You Must Watch “She was naked on Mission street.” “Hi. Can I join your conversation?” “Of Course. I’m Eliote.” “I’m Emelina. It’s nice to meet you.” “I’m Sarah.” “Hi, Sarah. It’s nice to meet you.” “Ryan.” “Hi, Ryan. Emelina, … Continue reading

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