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What Aspects of Yourself Have You Been Hiding From?

This post was originally published on the Love Warrior Community on October 11, 2015. Do you feel like you’re being held back? Or that an aspect of you is being stifled? I do. I’m holding myself back, and I’m stifling my own growth. I started a new job about four months ago, and I feel like I’ve put … Continue reading

Erratic Ideas

Rapid cycling, I was just going through it. Erratic describes it. Unpleasant. I’m hoping I’ve finished, but it could start up at any moment. I feel good in this moment. I have some ideas. I want to start studying Spanish more seriously, and relearn what I forgot. I also want to read articles in the … Continue reading

I’m Launching A Campaign! It Involves You!

Good Morning, 🙂 I said I’m launching a campaign, but I meant that we’re launching a campaign. We, as in The Human Experience (T.H.E.) Team and I, us and you. I’d love your help with it. It revolves around people, hopefully you, or someone you know, submitting in writing their human experience. The Human Experience is … Continue reading

Hypomanic Happy and Non-Hypomanic Happy

I just switched into a hypomanic state. And in this state, I now realize that this is different from some other good energy, excitement and passion that I was feeling recently. So it’s good to know that by treating myself with love, listening to my body and all of that good stuff, that I can … Continue reading

Overflowing With Love

This is year four that I’m hosting the 31-Day Self-Love Writing Challenge via the Love Warrior Community and selflovewarrior.com. Yesterday marked day 1 of the 31-Day Self-Love Writing Challenge. Last night, out of self-love, I closed up the computer at 10:30pm and didn’t finish publishing all of the self-love posts that were submitted. I wrote … Continue reading

I Don’t Like Setting Myself Up For Failure

I like using templates and guidelines and modifying them to better fit my needs. I started the 30 Day Push Up, Squat and Ab Challenge when I was living and working in the city when I didn’t have a lot of time to run. Most workout challenges I find, or any challenges I find are … Continue reading

Would This Giveaway Motivate You to Submit a Human Experience Piece?

“I Am The Human Experience: Lauren Maier” was originally published on November 23, 2013 on The Human Experience. In no particular order, I am a woman, a daughter, a student, a feminist, a nerd, a talker, a thinker, a lover, an ex-lover, a friend, an anglophile, a sort-of gamer, a kid at heart, an only … Continue reading

Untitled – My New Vlog

I’ve been wanting to create a vlog for the past year, and I did today. 🙂 My vlog, with the working title of Young Adult: Queer Edition, will explore identity in relation to sexuality, creativity, the job market, community, self-love and how all of those intersect into the concept of adulthood. This vlog is tied to … Continue reading

My Action-Oriented Bucket List: A Work In Progress

I just briefly edited my action-oriented bucket list. You can see it here. What spurred this? Almost two months ago Curve Magazine told me that they couldn’t afford to pay me what they were paying me, so I left them. A week later, I started a job in San Francisco at a crowdfunding startup. It … Continue reading

What Am I Doing With My Life?

I don’t know. I don’t want to feel tired, imbalanced or like I’m being pulled in a thousand and one directions, which makes it difficult to enjoy the present moment at any moment. I remember talking to my mom awhile back about how she would try to get her clients to focus on statements of … Continue reading

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