About the Writer

My hair is a tad different and I’m 5 to 7 years older than this picture, but — I LOVE the eye contact I’m making with you. 🙂

(This About page is about 2/3/4 :/ years old and needs to be updated, but it’s still filled with Awesome.) 😉

We Know Each Other

Hey you, heyyy. 🙂 Welcome to my blog. I’m really glad that you are here, Jessica, I mean Chris — Was it Melissa? Chelsea? You know I’m just joshing you. I know your name like my social security number. I could never forget a name as beautiful as yours. Although we just met, it’s like we’ve known each other forever. It’s like we were childhood friends.

Sincerely, I’m glad that you’re visiting me and my blog. We say, ‘Welcome!’ and ‘Hello!’ to you.

This is me about 6 years ago in Virginia, graduating from Randolph-Macon Woman’s College, with my padres.

What kind of writing will you find here?

Queer writing. My adventures and reflections into exploring queer media, history, events, people and culture. I also started a queer publication, The Human Experience. Check out T.H.E. blog. Our online publication will launch soon, followed by our digital publication, followed by our print publication.

All My Other Writing

If you continue to read about me and my writing below, you’ll find out about my queer & lesbian writing with Curve Magazine (the best selling lesbian magazine in the U.S.) & EDGE Gay Media Network (a LGBTQ portal for 21 + states in the U.S.), my eating disorder recovery, body positive, self-empowerment and self-love writing with EDRS’ blog (Eating Disorder Recovery Support, Inc, a non-profit) and the Love Warrior Community (an online community) and my entrepreneurial, goal setting writing, via Community Bucket List (an online community).

Self-Love Journaling

If you want to read my deeply personal and reflective writing where I chronicle my self-love journey, you can. I invite you into my heart and mind. I share that writing with a group blog called Self-Love Warrior.

This is me 3 years ago (or 6, or 9 — me and time know each other like water and oil), with my family getting our X Mas tree.

The Love Warrior Community

I co-founded an online community with my mom, Michelle Minero. She’s a therapist who specializes in helping people recover from eating disorders. We created the Love Warrior Community (LWC) together, which helps people cultivate self-love, self-acceptance and body acceptance through creative expression: art, photography, video, music and writing.

Self-Love Warrior is the LWC’s group blog where anybody can submit their self-love journaling. The Self-Love Warrior blog is where you can find my self-love journaling, where I discuss my goals, my innermost desires, my struggles, my joys, my self-love practice — anything relating to where I am in a given moment, the person I want to be and what I plan on doing to get there.

Check out the group blog, and if you want to submit your writing to it, you can do so here.  If you do contribute, you can do so anonymously or you can include a picture and bio of yourself, along with a link to your website.

Each of these pics are progressing in time since I graduated, or — each progressing in time since I first called myself a writer. The first picture was before my senior year of college, and it was my senior year of college when I felt I could claim the title writer. This pic was one of my first SF explorings, post-grad, with my friend from R-MWC, Leigh.

Community Bucket List

I created another online community called Community Bucket List (CBL). People can submit action-oriented bucket lists that get featured on CBL. An action-oriented bucket list differs from regular bucket lists in that I ask you to pick 1 to 3 goals or experiences that you want to focus on right now. I also ask you to write out why you are motivated to work on that top goal right now, the first step you will take to achieve it and a brief action plan layout to help you succeed.

We also have a Facebook support group where you can share your journey with other CBLers. There are also articles on goal setting and other cool resources. If you submit a bucket list, you can also have login access to edit your bucket list at any time.

From March – May 2011, I backpacked along the East Coast and visited with my friends from college.

Goal Setting, Passion Project, Entrepreneurial Writing

I also blog on Community Bucket List, right now my blogging focus isn’t focused. 🙂 But it can range from interviewing or writing about people that inspire me, to guest posts from people who are working on things that impassion them, to articles on subjects that can be helpful to you achieving your goals, like S.M.A.R.T. goal setting, to writing about some of my passion projects.

You may find it inspiring to check out the diversity in the bucket lists that people submitted. Feel free to leave a comment and cheer them on! You may also want to submit a bucket list.

If you want to know about my top life goals and focuses, you can check out my bucket list. It may or may not be updated, but if you check it now and then, you’ll see it evolve.

If you want to know even more about my life goals, you can read my One Year Road Map, which also may or may not be updated. But if you check back again, you will see it change from time to time. It might inspire you to create your own. The One Year Road Map was my first assignment from the Digital Nomad Academy, an online community and academy that supports people in creating location independent businesses.

This pic, going back in time, is breaking the forward time progression rule, but it’s fitting. This image is the EDRS Board, helpers and myself after the February 2011 EDRS Conference. And the next section of this About Me is about my writing and involvement with EDRS. 🙂

Eating Disorder Recovery/Body Positive/Empowering Writing

You can also find my writing at EDRS’ blog (Eating Disorder Recovery Support, Inc). EDRS is a non-profit my mom founded.

I love working with the eating disorder recovery community. It’s filled with such passionate and strong women and men that are dedicated to helping people recover from a self-imprisoned life to a blossoming life filled with love.

One of my posts on the EDRS blog, Make Me Feel, got re-published on Eve Ensler’s website, V-Girls. You can check it out here. It was also featured on the home page of Eve’s site, One Billion Rising. That was such an honor for me since Eve Ensler is a huge inspiration and a great role model to me.

The PTown Possy, my best friends from my home town.

My Writing in Curve Magazine (Lesbian/Queer Writing)

I also write for one of my favorite magazines, Curve Magazine, which is the best selling lesbian magazine in the U.S. Curve has a mainly lesbian focus, but interviews women and covers news with a larger queer eye as well, meaning women who identify as bisexual, queer, without label, etc.

My Online, Curve Mag Writing

You can read all of my interviews and articles published online at Curve Mag here.

Me at SF Pride in 2011. Fitting for the Curve Writing section. I had a lip ring for a couple months.

Why I Love Writing Interviews

I mainly write interviews and entertainment reviews. I love soaking in queer film and web series, and I am passionate about interviewing people because I am passionate about people.

I love interviewing people with passion, from 16-year-old Amelia Roskin-Frazee who is passionate about giving queer youth access to queer books where they can read stories that reflect their lives (she founded The Make It Safe Project), to author and sex educator Allison Moon, who is passionate about promoting sex positivity and education and who is an incredible writer (she wrote Lunatic Fringe, a queer, feminist, coming-of-age story), to Tucky Williams, who is passionate about putting out positive queer media that celebrates being gay and that shows people who are proud about their queer identity (she writes, produces and stars in the web series Girl/Girl Scene), to Desiree Akhavan, who is passionate about bringing to light and deconstructing the stereotypes and bigotry within the queer community (she’s the co-creator, writer and co-star in the web series, The Slope), to Lauren Russell, the owner of Lyon Fine Jewelry and recent cast member on The Real L Word season 3, who leads her business with passion and with the intention of helping and supporting others, creating bracelets to support Rock the Vote, Friendfactor, Adaptive Action Sports and Fight for Equality, to Reina Williams, a musician who not only makes great music, but who wants to impassion, inspire and bring people together through her music. She emanates the most amazing energy and has an incredible heart (reinawilliams.com).

I love interviewing entrepreneurs, advocates and people within the entertainment industry because they are creative, passionate and have this intense drive to succeed in their goals, and it’s usually passion that drives them. A passion for something larger than themselves. It’s inspiring.

When I interview people, I may have one or two fun questions, but I don’t like to cover fluff or glam, I like to go into those deeper questions that explore people’s passions, that explores their desires, insecurities, dreams — I like to capture that human experience that can connect with and touch everyone.

I couldn’t have an About Me without my bother (in-law) in it. I have the in-law in parenthesis because it sounds so impersonal. Matt always makes faces when taking pictures. 🙂

Print Pieces in Curve Magazine

An Unexpected Interview Turned Into One of My Favorite Pieces

Daring Design: Lesbian interior designer Lena Gordon makes nesting glam

This is one of my favorite pieces in print. I do extensive research for most of my interviews. This was an interview where my editor already had in mind most of the questions she wanted me to ask.

My editor asked me if I could find an interior decorator to interview for the print issue and I turned to my favorite networking tool, Twitter. Via Morgan Hurley, I found Lena Gordon. It turns out interior decorating is extraordinarily different from interior design, and it’s an insult to call an interior designer a decorator.

There went most of my questions. 🙂 The interview went really well. I like my interviews to flow like casual conversations and this one flew in a completely unexpected direction.

I didn’t know anything about interior design and before I interviewed Lena, ignorantly, I categorized it among decorating and fashion, topics I’m not extraordinarily fascinated by. I learned a lot about the background and politics of interior design, and it was fascinating, but most fascinating was Lena’s passion for interior design. She connects it to human psychology, understanding how couples work and being able to take everyone’s individual personality, style and desires and mix them into something that works for everyone, where everyone’s needs are met.

That was the human experience aspect, that was unexpected, as well as enthralling. When I was interviewing Lena, I wasn’t sure where the interview was going to go, or if I would be able to pull off what my editor wanted, but the interview ended up really nice, meeting my editor’s desires, representing Lena well and dipping into that deeper humanness that I like to explore. You can read her interview here, as well as get some nice home designing tips. 🙂 Read Lena Gordon’s Curve Interview.

My brother and I are similar, so I had to have a picture capturing our unique nature. We went to the midnight viewing of the last Harry together.

Some of My other Print Pieces in Curve Magazine (I don’t have pdfs for all of them):

(The below pieces appear in the print magazine as they do below.)

This Is What a Lesbian Looks Like: Shelly Hickman from Bad Girls Club

New Queer on the Block: Rising lesbian comic Lianna Carrera on her unique roots.

Citizen Swift: Ember Swift shares the message of global citizenry through music

(The below pieces are the proofs that I proofread before they were finalized for the print magazine. So there may be some errors or slight changes from what actually appeared in the print magazine, or they may be coupled with other articles.)

Industrial Design: Lesbian-owned Lyon Fine Jewelry supports equal rights in style

Renaissance Woman: Alexi Melvin does it all with style

This Is What a Lesbian Looks Like: Singer-songwriter Julie Durden

Imagine You & Me (Wedding rings)

Contributors page (My bio) 🙂

This is at a family party. We have them often. Me and my sis. Also, my hair is longer here and I often am wearing this green beanie, so I thought it should be represented.

My Writing for EDGE Gay Media Network

I write queer book reviews for EDGE Gay Media Network. You can check out my reviews below:

Fangs & Stilettos by Anthony DiFiore

The Whisperer by Donato Carrisi

The Boys of Summer edited by Steve Berman

The Book of Madness and Cures by Regina O’Melveny

Street Dreams by Tama Wise

96 Hours by Georgia Beers

I needed a pic with my other brother (in-law), Anthony. 🙂

Some Other Writing/Editing Experience

I wrote and edited for my college student-run newspaper, The Sundial, for 3 years. I started out as a Sex Columnist, then became a Staff Writer, Opinion Section Editor, Assistant Editor-in-Chief and by my senior year I was the Editor-in-Chief.

In high school, for my senior project, I wrote, directed, casted, produced and did a hell of a lot of other things to put on a play/variety show called LQ (Ladies Quarterly). My high school had Gentlemen’s Quarterly, it was a huge success every year that only men could participate in. So I made the female version and tweaked it. My school wasn’t cooperative with me and wouldn’t allow me to host it at the school, so I took $1000 (all of my savings) to rent a space to host the show, and made it all back, plus profit, which I donated to Building Homes Building Hope, a really cool organization that I traveled to the Dominican Republic with.

After graduating from college in 2010, I began freelancing in writing and editing. I edited a novel, a non-fiction book, a lot of college essays, some resumes and cover letters, website copy, newsletters and blog posts. I also copyedited online articles for Curve Magazine and proofread for the print magazine. Concerning writing, I ghost wrote articles, wrote website copy, SEO articles and blog posts.

My Twitter social media profile pic. I took it when I thought I should have some more professional looking pics.

Connect With Me

I’m super active on Twitter: @CommKr8veWriter

Talk with me on Facebook.

And check out my interview on Musings on Life After College — Profiles in Post-Collegiate Courage: Emelina Minero

The time progression went funky in the middle, but we’re right back to the present. I went to Hawaii for the first time this May for my nieces first birthday. My brother and I with the most Awesome Banyon tree!

An About Me wouldn’t be complete without pictures of my niece. 🙂 — I have two more nieces now, and this niece is almost 5! Update coming soon.



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