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This Is My Life Purpose


[2/29/2016] I can’t give a direct, off-the-top of my head answer for this, but it’s my intention to be able to do this soon, and I know it’s a realistic goal.

After wanting to create a vision for the Love Warrior Community, a vision for 2016, and hone in on what my values and life purpose is, after reading a chapter of The Greatest Networker in the World about a conversation/guided meditation between two people that helped one of them uncover their purpose in life, and after having a conversation with my mom about having a Reiki session/guided meditation and clarifying her life purpose, I feel ready to clarify mine.

I don’t know my life purpose yet, but I’m ready to discover it.

[3/26/2016] Last night, I began to clarify my life purpose, and it boils down to this:

My life purpose is to help others explore, understand, and love themselves through my own self-exploration.

I do this through my writing.

Since 2009, I have been actively focusing on cultivating my own self-love and empowering others to tap into theirs. In 2009, I co-founded the Love Warrior Community (LWC) with my therapist mom, Michelle Minero. The LWC is an online community that uses creative expression to help others foster self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-love. Since 2009, we’ve developed branches from the LWC: My mom’s book, Self-Love Diet: The Only Diet That Works, our annual 31-Day Self-Love Diet Writing Challenge, our 17-week e-course, Building the Foundation for Self-Love, our webinars, like Embodying Gratitude, and our in-person workshops, like Go Into the Darkness: An Emotional Exploration.

Whether through the Love Warrior Community, Community Bucket List (an online community I founded to help people live their passions), The Human Experience (an online publication I founded to shed light and spread empathy on the diversity of the human experience and the queer experience), or being a former board member of nonprofit Eating Disorder Recovery Support, Inc. — I’ve always felt most connected to myself, to love, and to the energy of the world when I’ve been helping others connect to their inner power, light, and love.

I’m on a path to connect with my life purpose and see where that takes me.

I started the Love Warrior Community to help my mom’s vision come to life, and over the past 6 to 7 years, it has evolved into my passion, but it’s still strongly connected to my mom’s vision. We want it to evolve into our vision, and for that to happen, I need to know what my vision is.

Part of me finding that answer will be through blogging.

One of my first blog posts in this journey will be about exploring my habits of disbelief, inspired by the book, The Greatest Networking in the World.

In this blog post:

1. I’m going to uncover my negative beliefs and my daily thought patterns that reflect those beliefs.
2. I’m going to create a map of what new beliefs I want to embody.
3. I’m going to create a plan of action to catch, confront, and replace my negative beliefs with new, affirming beliefs.

Another part of uncovering my vision is tapping into my larger life vision for myself: I want to create; I want to bring people together; I want to bridge understanding and foster dialogue and empathy about the diversity of the human experience.

I want to paint. I want to write short fiction and nonfiction. I want to write screenplays and create films.

I want self-love to become a contagion that infects the world. I want my self-love work and your self-love work to radically change our local, national, and global cultures. We can change our culture because we are the culture. This change begins when we start loving ourselves.

I want to expand the Love Warrior Community in a way that aligns with both my vision and my mom’s vision.

I’m still uncovering my vision and how it aligns with my life purpose. Today, my mom and I are discussing our personal visions and our vision for the Love Warrior Community, and we’ll see where it takes us and the evolution of our work.

– Emelina


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I'm passionate about people, community, self-love and the diversity in the human experience.


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