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Life Unexpected: Detours and Open Doors

When I set goals, I achieve them, but I’ve never set concrete long-term goals. And the half baked long-term goals I envisioned – what I thought I wanted – it evolves; it changes. New doors open up into unexpected opportunities, detours, and life experiences.

So my only long-term goals are:

1) Live life with love, non-judgmental, compassionate, unconditional love – for myself, and for others.

2) Create a vision, dream big, and follow my heart. As Dr. Seuss said:

As vast as your vision can show,

As high as your highest dreams grow,

As far as your passion can reach –

These are the places you’ll go.

“These are the places you’ll go.” I choose to go with love, wherever that leads me. If I choose love, I know that will lead me wherever I need to be.

Less abstract goals:

Further develop and market the Self-Love Diet e-course, Building the Foundation for Self-Love, both for the professional track and non-professional track, do presentations and talks, work with projects that call to my heart, and do more work focused on strategy, management, team building, and relationship building.

Cheers and love,



About emelinaminero

I'm passionate about people, community, self-love and the diversity in the human experience.


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