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What Is Your One Next Step?

Originally published on the Love Warrior Community on October 23.

I have lost track of this month’s Self-Love Diet Writing Prompt: Take that one next step.

I wanted to make my top priorities this month focused on letting go, doing less, and focused on self-love, both in my personal life, as well as professionally. In particular, I wanted to put more time into finishing the Self-Love Diet e-course, promoting and launching it, finishing the redesign of the Love Warrior Community website, and focusing on getting a full-time job with benefits in San Francisco.

Exploring Where My Focus Has Been and Where I Want It To Go

Freelance Editing and Writing

I have been getting more essay editing work and my clientele is building, which is great for the moment. I have been starting to drift towards wanting to do more freelance writing for publications, focusing on expanding my writing clips into high-paid mainstream media. This is not a main goal of mine, so working on getting one pitch accepted every other week, or once a month, sounds like a good goal.

Fiction Writing

I want to get back into fiction writing and expand on one of my short stories into a longer story, or a novel. Working on this right now is not a priority, and would be more of a distraction. I’ll put this on the side as something I can come back to later, or work on here and there during my down time.

The Human Experience

I have been putting more effort back into my publication, The Human Experience, and the possibility of partnering with the Dinah Shore Weekend in Palm Springs and the OUTmusic Awards in NYC. The opportunities, connections, and experiences that can come from that are exciting, but this has been draining some of my mental energy, which impacts all of my energy. I have to really think about what time, energy, and resources can I put into this, if any, in relation to The Human Experience.

The OUTmusic Awards

I also have been getting more involved in volunteering with the OUTmusic Awards, which is connected to the LGBT Academy of Recording Arts and is like the Grammy’s for the LGBT Community. Dee Meredith, the Chairwoman, invited me to be one of the judges, alongside amazing people, such as Diane Anderson-Minshall, an amazing journalist, the Editor-in-Chief of HIV Plus, an Editor-at-large for The Advocate, and a strong LGB, and in particular, trans advocate. One of the other judges is singer-songwriter Melissa Ferrick. I was honored to be asked to be a judge. I am looking forward to be a part of this, and time-wise it is not a big commitment.

I also volunteered my time to develop and manage a press outreach program for them this year, which sounds time intensive, but I have put in about one hour to develop and send the outline to Dee, and two hours to connect with writers who are on board to donate their writing services to write press releases in exchange for being able to write off their services from their taxes this year. If I get a volunteer editor or two, and everyone is on board with this project, it should only take a total of 10 to 15 hours of my time to project manage it all the way through from now until January.

Full-Time Job in San Francisco

I am in the running for a full-time LGBT copywriting job with benefits in San Francisco. I have my in-person interview this upcoming Wednesday. This is directly in line with one of my life goals, and there is a lot I can do to prepare for this to make sure I knock the interview and in-person writing assignments out of the park to make sure I get this job.

Helping Others by Donating My Services

I am helping someone with some light promotion of their film. I connected with a few different writers and editors and coordinated an interview and review of the film Once Upon a Time in Queens in Lesbian.com, a review in SheWired, an interview in Curve Magazine, an interview in The Human Experience, and a review in Planet London.

I am helping a friend with some light promotion of her web series. I told her I would try to help her get a cover story for Curve Magazine.

I help a lot of people and give a lot of my time away for free. I enjoy helping people that I believe in and whose work I believe in, and I want to support them, but I cannot keep giving away my time for free if I do not actually have the time to give. My priority needs to be paid work.

I am glad to be helping the above people I mentioned, and I have been cutting down a lot on this, but I still need to work on saying no.

The Love Warrior Community

I want this to be one of my main focuses, over everything, aside from getting the full-time job in San Francisco, and the Self-Love Diet e-course. I have made a lot of progress in redesigning the Love Warrior Community. I am combining selflovewarrior.com and lovewarriorcommunity.com. We will no longer be posting Self-Love Diet writing posts to Self-Love Warrior, but from now on, all content will be posted on the Love Warrior Community to help make people aware of all of the other resources that the Love Warrior Community has to offer. This is the first Self-Love Diet writing post published on the Love Warrior Community to bring forth this new change. Self-Love Warrior will stay live so people can look through all of the archived posts that we have published since 2010. There are still a few more things that need to be re-formatted for the website to navigate smoothly, but the Love Warrior Community is functional and ready for people to use.

The Self-Love Diet E-Course

Aside from getting the full-time job in San Francisco, finishing this is my number one goal. Ironically, I have been putting in the least amount of time into this.

Going forward knowing my priorities, I need to shift how I spend my time.

Decluttering My Physical Environment

When I get the job in San Francisco, I will move in with my cousin in Larkspur for two months so I will be closer to San Francisco, and then I will move into the city. Decluttering my possessions not only helps me energetically, but it will also prepare me to be ready for when I move. A handful of days ago I donated about ten paper bags worth of items to two great causes, and now my room looks a lot emptier, but I can still get rid of more things, and clean it. Doing this will help me in the present moment, as well as in the future.

Social Life

I have been making an effort to connect more with family (I have a HUGE family), as well as connecting and going out more with old and new friends. A social life is hugely important for my emotional health, and this is a top priority.

Emotional/Physical Health

I have been reading The Power of Positive Thinking, and it has been a great tool to shift my mind frame into a positive one. I will continue to read a little bit of this book each day to help ground my intentions in the positive, and once I finish this book, I want to find a similar one to continue this habit.

Exercise is really important for me, not only physically, but emotionally. I am all about fostering variety in getting in movement – dancing to the music channel in my living room, going for a walk outside to get out in nature, going to the gym to bike while reading, to enjoy the elliptical, to shoot around the basketball outside, going for a run, etc. I’ve realized that it’s the more arduous activities that fulfill me energetically, emotionally, and physically, like running. I like the feeling of expanding and working out my lungs, working out my heart, and that zone I get in when I’m doing harder workouts that helps me to better practice letting go of all of my thoughts and to be in the present moment.

What Are My Work Priorities?

  1. Getting the full-time job in San Francisco
  2. Finishing the Self-Love Diet e-course
  3. Finishing the Love Warrior Community website redesign
  4. Continuing freelance writing and editing

What Are My Health Priorities?

  • Decluttering my physical environment
  • Focusing on my social life
  • Focusing on my emotional/physical health

What is your one next step

So What Is My One Next Step?

Writing this Self-Love Diet blog post to help me reflect on what my needs are, what my goals are, how I have been spending my time, and how I should be spending my time; that was my one next step.

Having an outline of my top priorities can help guide me in how I choose to spend my time from now on.

So what’s my one next step? I am going to step away from the computer, and get in some movement.


Emelina Minero

About emelinaminero

I'm passionate about people, community, self-love and the diversity in the human experience.


2 thoughts on “What Is Your One Next Step?

  1. I sure hope you get that job. (But as a fiction writer myself, I hope that fiction squeezes up into your top priorities, lol.)

    Posted by Jane Eaton Hamilton | November 13, 2014, 8:10 pm
    • Thank you. I’m 110% certain that I will get the job, and I’m really excited to share what it is once I have it. 🙂 I think this new job will add more structure in my life, and give me the mental capacity to continue to explore side projects, as well as delve into new ones, like pursuing fiction more. 🙂

      Posted by emelinaminero | November 13, 2014, 8:35 pm

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