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The Letting Go Process

Originally published on selflovewarrior.com on September 13.

I have been letting go of a lot lately.

In my last self-love post, “Death, Anxiety, Gratitude, Letting Go and Tumblr,” I wrote:

My 27th birthday was on August 28th and on the 29th I realized that if I keep on doing the same things, I’m not going to get different results.

Lane Moore's tweet

I realized that I needed to drastically change my habits if I wanted to create and live a life that would help bring me closer to living happily as my authentic self, and the first thing I needed to do was lessen my plate and let go of responsibilities.

I have a lot of passions, and I want to get involved in a lot of things. I have always been this way, but I now know that I often overextend myself and that it is incredibly hard for me to be committed, focused and productive when I have my brain focused on too many projects.

Step one in letting go: I removed myself from the board of a nonprofit I was on, Eating Disorder Recovery Support, Inc.

Step two in letting go: I am taking a step back from the publication I created, The Human Experience (T.H.E.).

I thought I would have to put T.H.E. on hold completely until I reached my other goals and had the energy, time and resources to fully commit to T.H.E. Fortunately, I was wrong. One of the co-founders, Claudette Jones, is taking my place in managing T.H.E. It will continue on in my absence. I am relieved and happy.

For more on T.H.E.:

In my goal towards balance, there are other areas that I have been working on in relation to letting go, and I’ll write more about that here once I’ve completely followed through with each.


– Emelina


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