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Focus On What’s Really Important

I’m reblogging a post that my mom wrote on Self-Love Warrior, “Focus On What’s Really Important.” Focusing on what’s really important has been my intention for the month of December, and I’ve made a lot of changes with that intention in mind.

I stopped drinking caffeine. It’s been maybe 3 weeks since I’ve stopped. I had a conversation with one of my cousins about a month ago about how I’d never stop consuming caffeine, but then a week later I started to pay more attention to all of the negative side effects from drinking caffeine: painful heartburn, getting less sleep and creating irregular sleeping habits and increased anxiety. I woke up one day and it suddenly became clear that I wanted to stop drinking caffeine, and it has been relatively easy. The physical and mental benefits outweigh the perks of drinking it.

About a month ago I started to exercise more, really simple and quick exercises. It began when my work schedule was getting busier and my days consisted of waking up early, sitting on the bus for an hour on the way to work, working for 10 to 14 hours, sitting on a bus for an hour again, going to sleep late and repeating the process.

I quickly became exhausted and out of balance and was craving running, walking and nature. Since my schedule didn’t allow a lot of time for things outside of work, commuting and sleep, I found and modified an easy workout online that I could do in my room right after I woke up and before I headed out to work. That developed into getting off the bus early to get some walking in on the way to work and walking to the metro station, instead of taking the bus to it after work.

Since I’ve stopped drinking coffee, I’ve been sleeping a lot more and have been more conscious of self-care. Although I’ve been sleeping more and exercising consistently, my energy is rarely 100%, so this past week I started to drink a lot more water.

This past week my heartburn has also increased, and I realized it was caused by the food I’ve been eating. In particular, there’s this delicious chicken casserole in the house that not only gives me heartburn, but that also always makes me feel nauseous shortly after I eat it. Yesterday was the first day that I started to become more conscious of the food I was eating. I still had some of that casserole, but I had a lot less of it, and chose healthier foods throughout the day that I knew wouldn’t give me heartburn and that would give me better energy throughout the day. When I did eat the casserole, I took my time with it and really focused on the pleasure of how it tasted.

Yesterday, I also started to evaluate my space and I started to not only clean my room, but get rid of a lot of things. I got rid of half of my books and donated them, which will also be a tax write-off before the year ends. I’m doing the same today. Today I’m going through all of my CDs, and I’m importing them into my iTunes library, and then I’ll donate the CDs. I plan on doing the same on Monday and Tuesday so I can further declutter my room.

This morning I made another change. I flossed, which I do a few times a week, but this morning I noticed my gums didn’t look too hot, and I made the decision to floss at least once a day.

Focusing on what’s really important, my physical, mental and emotional well-being, I’ve made a lot of big and small changes this month, and I’m looking forward to fostering this habits next month, as well as creating new positive habits.

I’m excited for Self-Love Warrior’s Self-Love Writing Daily Challenge, which begins January 1st. That will make a big difference to increasing my well-being.

Cheers to self-love! 🙂

– Emelina


B Proper 27 Whats really important

It’s easy to get off target in the month of December, especially if you are focusing on living the Self-Love Diet, which suggests offering yourself regular servings of love.

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or even if you have decided to pretend that the holidays are not here, they are. Christmas songs are being played and retailers are slashing their prices and inviting you to their stores at midnight, or before the sunrises, in hopes of capturing your dollars. TV and radio commercials are inviting you to buy that special gift for that special person. But what happens if you don’t have that special person or family? What happens if a loved one has died and you are going through the holiday season without this person for the first time? What happens if you are having personal health issues, or going through relationship stressors?

If you don’t have a belief in…

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