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My Action-Oriented Bucket List: A Work In Progress

I just briefly edited my action-oriented bucket list. You can see it here.

What spurred this? Almost two months ago Curve Magazine told me that they couldn’t afford to pay me what they were paying me, so I left them. A week later, I started a job in San Francisco at a crowdfunding startup. It was a great experience. I learned a lot. I loved being in San Fran. Towards the end, the hours became rather long and I started to become exhausted Emelina. I shifted all of my focus towards self-love and care, and last week my boss told me that we weren’t brining in any money and that he’d have to let me go. My last days are this Thursday and Friday.

Today I got an email from the Managing Editor at Curve. She has another job at Movoto, a light-hearted real estate blog and is building a team of writers. She asked me if I wanted to do paid freelance work for Movoto and work with her again. My answer was yes. šŸ™‚

Since I’m in another transition phase, and my time has freed up since I’m almost finished with the crowdfunding startup, I’m re-evaluating my life, where I’m at and what I want.

I know I want to put a lot of focus into T.H.E. (The Human Experience), my queer publication.

I also want to get my life organized and be content with whatever I do. So, the action-oriented bucket list is coming out. I added to the beginning a to-do list for this week. One of those items is to edit my action-oriented bucket list so it’s all updated.

Here’s my action-oriented bucket list in progress.

Here’s another blog post I want to review, How To Get What You Want. I put a lot of great resources in that post, including the template for creating a one-year roadmap, and I’d like to delve into some of those resources.




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