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Looking For Interns: A Crowdfunding Campaign Management Startup


My New Job:

I recently started to work with a crowdfunding campaign management startup based in San Francisco, CA.

We’re Looking For Video Editing Interns in San Francisco:

We’re looking for a video editor in the Bay Area, particularly one who can work with us in San Francisco to edit the crowdfunding videos we create for our clients. We’ll be scripting the video and compiling all of the footage.

We’re Looking For Social Media Interns:

For some of our clients, we’ll be building them a social media platform from the start up. Part of what you’ll be doing is helping build our client’s social media platform, helping manage our social media platform, as well as using social media to help promote our client’s crowdfunding campaigns.

This internship can be virtual or local.

How We Get Our Clients:

We have a relationship with Rally.org, a crowdfunding campaign that helps individuals, groups, social causes and non-profits to raise money for the causes that are closest to their heart.

Rally.org sends clients our way who need help with their crowdfunding campaigns, and we select clients that we know we can help achieve their goal. We don’t get paid upfront, but instead we make a percentage of the profits that we help raise for our clients.

We Empower and Raise Others’ Voices:

We are a small piece to what will become an international game changer, whether the SEC (The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) makes it difficult for individual investors or not in 2014. It has already started, crowdfunding on grassroots levels with a large voice, and we’re going to be in the middle of the change over, empowering the voices of the campaigns that otherwise wouldn’t have much of a chance in succeeding.

What We Do:

Setting up a crowdfunding campaign and expecting people to just show up and give money, that doesn’t work, which is where we come in. We create the entire crowdfunding campaign and manage it from start to finish. We’re helping individuals, organizations and non-profits to live out their passions, and by doing so, we’re becoming part of their journey to make a difference in the world.

We Encourage, Support and Foster Authenticity:

We’re passionate about what we do. Written across the wall in our office in bold lettering are the words, “AUTHENTICITY = SELF-AWARENESS x COURAGE.” We love what we do, and our office environment reflects that. We’re about creativity, community, collaboration and empowerment.

Our Current Campaign:

The campaign we’re currently working is helping Reverend Oliver White in St. Paul, Minnesota to get a church so his congregation can have a safe space to practice their faith in again. Reverend White voted for marriage equality within the churches in Minnesota and because of that he lost 2/3 of his congregation and then he lost his church. We’re helping the Reverend and the Grace Community United Church of Christ get their church back.

Here’s an article with a video where you can learn more about Reverend White. Watch here.

What You’ll Get:

You can get college credits in exchange for this internship, and you’ll be making a difference in the world. If you’re working with us as a Video Editor, you’ll be making videos that will get a lot of exposure. Reverend White already has national exposure, and we’re going to increase that through the video we make together. If you’re working with us as a Social Media Intern, you will gain a lot of professional experience in relation to social media, crowdfunding and networking.

Apply To Our Internship:

To apply to this internship, email me, Emelina Minero, at emelinaminero@gmail.com. Include your resume, and in body of the email, tell me about yourself, what you’re passionate about and why you want to join our team. If you’re applying to be our Video Editor, include links to videos you have edited. If you’re applying to work with us in Social Media, send us links to your social media profiles, profiles you have worked on, campaigns you have worked on and links to any of your online projects.

I look forward to working with you,

Emelina Minero


About emelinaminero

I'm passionate about people, community, self-love and the diversity in the human experience.


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