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Looking for Interns: Bringing Back The Human Experience

The Human Experience
Last July, I, along with three other lovely women, Lauren, Sarah and Claudette, created the foundation for an online queer publication called The Human Experience (T.H.E.). You can read the mission here: http://the-humanexperience.com/mission/

I’m bringing T.H.E. back & bringing it to fruition.

T.H.E. Wants Interns:

I’m also looking for interns. It’s non-paid. What you’ll get from it: fun, community, professional experience and personal and professional growth, empowerment, increased self-confidence and passion. If you’re a college student, you can also get college credit. You can also work from anywhere.

This internship is virtual based. You can work from your bed, your kitchen, the bathroom, your backyard, the coffee shop, the park, the beach, an exotic island, in an airplane, while co-piloting on a road trip – wherever you have wifi.

What You’ll Be Doing As An Intern:

  • Managing T.H.E. Facebook & Twitter
  • Creating & sending out T.H.E. e-newsletters
  • Live social media coverage
  • Promoting our writing, photo & video campaign revolving around people sharing their human experience
  • Contribute to our writing campaign (http://thehumanexperienceblog.com/you-are-the-human-experience-tell-your-story/)
  • Contribute to our photo campaign (http://thehumanexperienceblog.com/t-h-e-photo-campaign/)
  • Contribute to our video campaign (http://thehumanexperienceblog.com/t-h-e-video-campaign/)
  • Write news, entertainment, popculture articles & interviews
  • Write 1st person discussion pieces
  • Possibly have your own blog
  • Blog on T.H.E. blog or your own blog about your experience interning with T.H.E. (behind-the-scenes blog posts)
  • Promote our Indiegogo campaign
  • Connect with LGBT filmmakers, actors, authors, artists & so forth & write articles about them, host live video interviews with them & create social media posts about them in exchange for them donating pledge rewards to our Indiegogo campaign (X amount of 30 minute Skype sessions, X amount of autographed books, movies, CDs, etc.) & them posting our Indiegogo campaign to their social media, site or blog.
  • Network and reach out to other publications, blogs & podcasts & either pitch articles or interviews for them to write about us or that you’d write for them about us.

Apply to be a T.H.E. Intern:

Email me, Emelina Minero, at emelinaminero@gmail.com. Include your resume, two writing samples & use the body of the email as a cover letter. Include in your email why you want to join T.H.E. team, what your strengths are (doesn’t have to be related to the internship) and what you’re passionate about. Also include links to your social media profiles & online projects.


About emelinaminero

I'm passionate about people, community, self-love and the diversity in the human experience.


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