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My Curve Magazine November Horoscope

Nicole Pacent Curve Cover Single

I’m a Virgo. I received the November issue of Curve Magazine in the mailbox today. One of the first things I do is flip to my horoscope, which is:

Virgo (Aug. 24-Sept. 23)

Everything is rosy this November. Not only do you have loads of charisma, you also have ample energy to get your projects up and running. Let your creativity carry you to new successes with the potential for life altering benefits. Your muses provide the inspiration and enable you to think out of the box.

My first thought after reading this: “I’m going to cycle into one of those euphoric hypomanic states.” I was temporarily excited. #Bipolar2Joke

Mood disorders aside, whether I’m cycling or not, this horoscope is already true. A-Camp was my muse, and I’m already filled with a lot of charisma, energy and creativity that’s been infused into my daily routine, ironically while being exhaustingly sick.

Cheers to more self-love, happiness and awesomeness.


Check out curvemag.com. Look out for my soon-to-be-published pieces on my experience at Autostraddle’s A-Camp. What’s A-Camp? It’s amazing; it’s also explained here.

Relating to A-Camp (@A_Camp2013), one of my A-Camp counselors, Hansen (@Saerrahh) wrote this piece for Autostraddle (@autostraddle) about the crafts her and Crystal (@trackstop), my other A-Camp counselor, made for our cabin, the Heartthrobs. Read this crafty piece on making Heartthrob necklaces.

Oh, what’s this?! An open thread from the couple of hundred A-Campers about how awesome A-Camp 4.0 was. Check it out. 🙂

Also, if you’re in love with knowing your monthly queer horoscope, you should buy the November issue of Curve (@TheRealCurve) with actress Nicole Pacent (@NicolePacent) on the cover. Even better, you should get a digital or print subscription (1-year/10 issues, $10 off via this link): Here’s the link —> Subscription Link!

By subscribing to Curve, not only are you filling your heart with queer media, but you’re supporting me, since I make a commission from each sale via that link as Curve’s Social Media Manager. 🙂

So, support yourself, support Curve, support me, go to the next A-Camp, and hey, here I am on Twitter. –> @CommKr8veWriter


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