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A List of Lesbian Blogs

When you first come out of the closet, you’re thirsty for knowledge and queer media. When I was in the closet, shows like Glee, American Horror Story, The Fosters and Pretty Little Liars weren’t airing. I didn’t know that queer media existed, let alone a complex community of queer subcultures.

I was 19-years-old when I left California to go to Randolph-Macon Woman’s College in Virginia. It was at my alma mater’s bookstore where I found Curve Magazine, and it was Curve that introduced me to queer culture.

We’ve come a long way, but queer media still isn’t up to par with mainstream media, especially in the film industry. Take the film The Kids Are All Right as an example. How was the straight sex scene portrayed vs. the girl on girl sex scene? Full nudity and in your face vs. a couple of seconds under the sheets.

With the growing influence of the internet and social media, now everyone can create queer media and everyone with internet can access it. We have crowdfunding sites to help us fund our creative endeavors, and blogs, websites and YouTube channels are easy to create, helping us shape queer media with relative ease.

It’s 2013 – we’ve made a lot of progress for LGBT rights, and we have a growing pool of queer content to consume, but a lot of us are still in the dark about what queer media is out there and how to access it.

There’s a growing list of #lesbian #blogs#bisexual blogs, #transgender blogs and #queer blogs in our blogosphere, and below is a snapshot of what’s out there.

If there’s a great blog, or your blog, that’s not on our list, leave a link to the blog in a comment, as well as a description of the blog.

The List of LGBTQ Blogs:

What Wegan Did Next, follows a transatlantic, long-distance femme-femme lesbian relationship.

Tales of the Pack, follows the pursuits of queer entrepreneur, writer and sex educator Allison Moon.

Lesbian Dad, a personal essay/photography blog about parenthood generally, and lesbian parenthood in particular, with special attention to the experiences of non-birth and/or butch mums and the many larger questions our unique kind of parenthood opens up.

Queerie Bradshaw, originally began as a Curve Magazine blog that followed the sex and dating exploits of author Lauren Marie Fleming. It expanded to QueerieBradshaw.com, a site that featured personal stories surrounding sex, sexuality, gender and gender identity. Now the site is a multi-author blog for frisky feminists and politiqueers. Queerie Bradshaw believes that the personal is political and by sharing our stories we give voice to ourselves, our lives and the issues of the world around us.

GLAAD, keeps us updated on what’s going on in queer media land and keeps in check media that misrepresents LGBT individuals.

Human Rights Campaign, keeps us updated on where we stand with LGBT rights in the U.S. and the campaigns that HRC initiates to move us forward toward equality.

Card Carrying Lesbian, is dedicated to all things lesbianic. It’s a place where you can find advice on coming out, best places to live, love and dating advice or just enjoy reading some old posts about Sasha’s (the creator) personal experiences that are sure to make you feel better about yours.

Everyone Is Gay, an advice website for all, with an emphasis on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) youth. The website uses humor and honesty to support these youth, to dialogue with others in the LGBTQ community, and to simultaneously keep everyone laughing. Everyone Is Gay also works to increase awareness at high school and college campuses through an ongoing, nationwide tour.

Feministe, a feminist  blogging collective which prioritizes women’s voices. This blog shares opinions on anything and everything. Each feministe blogger speaks only for their individual selves unless otherwise specified. This is not a queer blog, but sometimes feminism and queer identity intersect.

Feministing, an online community for feminists and their allies. The community aspect of Feministing – their community blog, campus blog, comment threads, and related social networking sites – exist to better connect feminists online and off, and to encourage activism. Feministing hopes to provide a forum for a variety of feminist voices and organizations. This is not a queer blog, but sometimes feminism and queer identity intersect.

Les-Luv, an online community for lesbians to connect via forums, groups and a blog. Their latest blog post is about “The Lesbian Stepparent.”

Sisters Talk, a lesbian blog and podcast with liberal tendencies.

Queer Fat Femme, chronicling Bevin Branlandingham’s relentless pursuit of joy. Featuring advice, glitter, fat fashion, travel, performance recaps, community building and sardonic anecdotes from the life of a Queer Fat Femme artist and community leader.

Self-Love Warrior, a collection of self-love journaling open to anyone who wants to submit their writing and share their self-love journey. Founded by out lesbian Emelina Minero (Curve’s Social Media Manager) and her mother, Michelle Minero, a marriage and family therapist who specializes in eating disorder recovery. Both Emelina and Michelle are regular contributors.

Emelina Minero Writes, a queer blog that follows the musings, fancies and personal life of out lesbian Emelina Minero (Curve’s Social Media Manager, and writer of this post).

Pledge Your Voice, encourages media literacy to promote a healthier image of women in media today and gives the tools to recognize the difference in role models. Pledge Your Voice is created by Curve social media intern Lauren Leiggi.

Young, Queer and (Mostly) Broke, translates big time dreams into real time living, all through the lens of being young, queer and broke. Kia, a New Zealander who recently moved to Scandinavia, talks travel, budgets, queer life, romance and how to do all of these things in a creative and positive way.

Gay Girl Revolution, a personal blog, largely with a LGBT equality focus, written by Irish lesbian blogger Robyn Harper.

Little Gay Book, a dating service site for lesbians and bisexual women with a blog featuring dating and relationship advice written by Dr. Frankie Bashan, who also happens to be our relationship blogger for Curve.

Lefty Girl, a personal blog that focuses on current news, events and representation of transgender people in the media written by out lesbian and trans feminist writer Savannah.

There’s a Place for Us, a Tumblr blog created by 18-year-old Brittany McMillan, the founder of Spirit Day. It’s pop culture, TV, LGBT and fanfic related.

Dorothy Surrenders, a gay gal’s guide to pop culture.

The Bilerico Project, the web’s largest LGBTQ group blog with dozens of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and genderqueer contributors. Known for intelligent political and cultural commentary, the site’s carefully selected contributors have helped to shape the LGBT movement for years – both on and off line.

Queer Bois, promotes and provides visibility to self-identified bois, butches, tomboys, studs, transmen, androgynous and masculine of centered women in the LGBT community. Through their website, blog and other various social media sites, they empower and encourage this segment of our community to excel, grow and support one another while representing their communities via fashion, business and their own brand of opulence and lifestyle.

Bi Bloggers, a ‘blog aggregator’ site, bringing together blogs about bisexual themes by writers across the UK, with the aim of fostering a sense of a bi blogging community.

Frameline, the San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival is the longest-running, largest and most widely recognized LGBT film exhibition event in the world. Frameline’s mission is to change the world through the power of queer cinema.  As a media arts non-profit, Frameline’s programs connect filmmakers and audiences in San Francisco and around the world. Their blog highlights updates about their film festival, as well as queer films to watch.

Jamie J. Hagen, the personal blog of queer freelance writer Jamie J. Hagen, which covers animal rights, LGBT current events, veganism and feminism.

QWOC Media, Queer Women of Color Media Wire (QWOC Media Wire) is a media publishing and advocacy organization that amplifies the voices of Lesbian, Bisexual, Queer, Transgender women and gender non-conforming people of color, diaspora, and other racial and ethnic minorities around the world.

Genderfork, a supportive community for the expression of identities across the gender spectrum.

Sam I Am, a tumblr blog related to all things social media, created by out lesbian Samantha Needham, founder of Club Lez Life.

The Fab Femme, a pop culture and news website that features all things fab and queer.

If you enjoyed this post, give it a plus one! Also, if a great blog wasn’t listed in this post that should be, leave a link to the blog in a comment to this post coupled with a description of the blog.

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  1. This is so lovely, thank you so much for this. I recently came out as bi and I’ve been hungry to learn more about my sexuality.

    Posted by Timid Atheist | September 12, 2013, 12:39 pm
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    You have missed this blog from your list:


    Posted by JustAGirl | February 20, 2015, 2:45 pm
  3. thank you 😀

    Posted by pridetogo | January 25, 2016, 4:07 pm

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