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Late Night Thoughts & Life/Day Updates

I wrote a new blog post about my thought process behind being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I wrote it on my self-love blog, selflovewarrior.com. The post is titled, “Sometimes Being Kind To Yourself Can Be Hard To Do.”

I also updated my action-oriented bucket list today on Community Bucket List (CBL). CBL is an online community that I created on July 2, 2011 because I was struggling with focus and I wanted more structure and support to help me follow through with my larger goals, as well as daily tasks. You can check out my bucket list here.

Some other cool Self-Love Warrior & CBL updates:

I got two new bucket list submissions recently, bringing the total to 41 people, from around the world, who submitted action-oriented bucket lists. How cool! 🙂

One was submitted by Wuisa. She’s currently living in Virginia, and is originally from Colombia. I love the variety of her goals and passions. You can read her action-oriented bucket list here.

The other bucket list that I published today was submitted by Hannah Coleman. She’s currently living in Virginia, but is from Atlanta, Georgia. Her bucket list was really cool because it focused on self-love, and I always thought that these bucket lists could be used for a self-love focus, so that was really cool to see. You can read her bucket list here.

If you want to know more about how CBL works, you can check out the home page, you can read others’ bucket lists and you can submit your own action-oriented bucket list.

I also published some new self-love posts submissions yesterday, and I’m excited to publish some more tomorrow. Someone submitted a three sentence self-love post that was short, but incredibly touching. It warmed my heart. It was about an interaction that a mother had with her toddler daughter. : ) You can check it out here, “Happiness 🙂

We had another person submit a self-love post who has been consistently submitting self-love posts for a few months, which is always exciting to see.  🙂 Here is Amy’s latest self-love post, “For Me.”

I also recently read through some of my mom’s self-love posts. I usually read each of them as they come out, but I hadn’t. So I caught myself up on her self-love posts, which was very grounding and inspiring. It sparked some self-reflection points for my own personal growth. I’ll list the posts that I read below:

Also, I found out today that I was quoted in an article relating to adderall usage. Some online publication pulled some of the content from one of my self-love posts and used me as a source for their article. Random, but cool. You can read it. It’s a 3 page article, but I linked it to the page where I was quoted.

I was also contacted by a producer of a documentary series that’s on the OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) yesterday. She read that adderall article, which is how I found out about it, and she wanted to know more about my story. So we might schedule a phone date, and who knows? Maybe I’ll be on one of their episodes and I’ll surreally watch myself on TV. 🙂


– Emelina Minero


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I'm passionate about people, community, self-love and the diversity in the human experience.


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