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Local to Global Perception

I’m reading from my Human Sexuality textbook, Discovering Human Sexuality Second Edition by Simon LeVay, Janice Baldwin and John Baldwin. I have a larger quiz and an in-class exam on Monday, so I’m reading the chapters that I’ll be tested on: chapter 7, Sexual Relationships, Chapter 11, Sexuality across the Life Span: Adulthood and chapter 12, Sexual Orientation.

Right now I’m reading chapter 7, Sexual Relationships, and what’s interesting is to see the varying perspectives on sex broken down by age, U.S. geography, gender, education and global geography. This chapter really highlights the impact of how one’s environment influences one’s beliefs.

This chapter reminded me of a sociology book I read that talked about the impact that one’s society and environment plays on someone’s decisions, even the most personal decisions, like who are you going to marry and how many kids you will have. It broke down the average number of kids that women have by country and the different factors that influence that number. The book also showed an image of a married or engaged couple and asked why are they getting married. My first response was “for love,” but then the text broke down a bunch of social, economical, etc. issues of why these two people were likely to pick the person that they did.

It’s really interesting how much our environment influences our beliefs and how we perceive things, and it’s interesting how the internet and social media are changing our environment and our cultural norms. We now have easier access to global information and we have easier access to create information that can be accessed by others globally. The internet is connecting people globally, and that’s breaking down some of those cultural barriers. It will be interesting to see the impact that the world wide web will have on our local, national and global society and on us individually in one year, 3 years, 5 years, 10 years, 20 years and so on.


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