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Taking on the Habit of Frequent Fiction Writing

All last week I had the most vicious case of writer’s block, which isn’t good when you’re a freelance writer. I had a breakthrough yesterday and the writing came flowing through me.

Each day that I plan on working, I want to begin that day with 20 to 30 minutes of fiction writing to spark my creativity and to thaw out any kinks that would slow down my ability to write, focus or take action.

The purpose of each prompt is to loosen my thoughts and fingers. There is no end goal of perfection because often 20 to 30 minutes responding to a prompt will not result in a finished product. The goal is to write, and not to finish. The end goal is to loosen my inhibitions and increase my creativity and spontaneity at the start of each day so I can carry that energy into all of my work.

The prompt for today is to combine the following three elements into a story: A stolen ring, fear of spiders, and a sinister stranger. (http://www.creative-writing-now.com/short-story-ideas.html)


Anne decided to spend three minutes of her life sitting on her driveway, her head tilted to the right with her blond hair falling just past her eyes, her hand frozen, holding a brittle leaf against the spokes of her bike, staring at a baby spider, waiting for it to crawl onto the leaf and off of the bike. The previous twelve minutes were spent meticulously wiping her yellow bike clean of webs, webs that no doubt at least a dozen other unseen spiders created while her bike sat in the backyard, untouched for months in an attempt to put off this process. Timidly, Anne lifted her leg over the bike, checking the right handle for the twentieth time before she gripped it.

Excuse me?

Anne lifted her head and … (times up). 🙂




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I'm passionate about people, community, self-love and the diversity in the human experience.


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