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Join me in the Kickstarter Launch of our Queer Magazine-Community – The Human Experience: Redefining Queer Culture

On my 25th birthday, August 28th, we’ll be launching a Kickstarter Project to raise start-up money for the online magazine-community we’re creating, The Human Experience: Redefining Queer Culture.

Our Kickstarter project will last for 60 days, ending on October 26th.

What Is Our Fundraising Goal?

Our minimum goal: $50,000

Our medium goal: $300,000

Our Ideal goal: $800,000 +

Why Are We Launching the Kickstarter Project on August 28th, 2012?

It takes time to promote a Kickstarter project. One of the biggest hurdles I’ve seen people experience when promoting their Kickstarter project is promoting it too late. They contact media and press well into their Kickstarter project, not allowing enough time for them to write something before the Kickstarter deadline.

We’re giving press almost a 2 month notice about our launch date: August 28th.

It will also be a positive way to start my birthday, launching the Kickstarter Project to a new chapter of my life, a chapter in which I’ll be able to fully live out my deepest passions for showing people that they are valued, for community building and for helping develop a strong queer community, for myself, and for you.

Websites, publications, bloggers, radio hosts, podcasts, newspapers and magazines – Feel free to contact me at emelinaminero@gmail.com about interviewing me or writing an article about The Human Experience: Redefining Queer Culture and our Kickstarter launch date (August 28th).

We Are Not Competition, We Are Allies.

To queer magazines, websites and blogs – I don’t view myself, or you, as competition, but instead I see us as resources to help promote each other. When working with organizations and groups, I’ve often seen how everybody can help each other through collaboration, instead of viewing each other as competition. When we work together, we can find new ways to grow stronger, to run more effectively and to help more people.

You can read my post, I’m Creating a Queer Magazine-ish-Community Site, to get a better idea of what this online platform will be, how it will differ from yours and why it’s being created.

If you don’t have the time to read it in full, here is a brief synopsis of what The Human Experience: Redefining Queer Culture is about:

  • The human experience and the diversity in our unique stories, in our queer identity and in how we have experienced queer culture.
  • Breaking down the bigotry within the queer community through conversation about our experiences.
  • Community building through supporting and giving voice to individuals and groups, and through meeting with each other in-person.

A Longer Synopsis:

It will focus on breaking down the bigotry within the queer community and bringing the queer community together through open dialogue opinion pieces, discussing the diversity of the queer identity and the diversity of issues that we face.

It will cover news and entertainment, as well as opinion guest posts that focus on members of the entire queer spectrum, in particular members of the queer community that are underrepresented: ie, pansexuals, trans*individuals, bisexuals, asexuals, queer people of color, etc. It will also cover news globally to capture what the queer community is like in other countries and to gather global perspectives on queer issues and identity.

It will have a strong creative focus. It will highlight and support the writers, musicians, filmmakers and other creative types, or advocates, who are living their passions and contributing to our queer media and culture. It will be a space to amplify their voices. Their expertise will also be used as resources to encourage others to act on their passions by having how-to pieces for people interested in making a web series, a film, publishing a book, getting into freelance writing, getting involved in activism, etc. This how-to portion of the website will be subscription-based to help sustain our online publication/community.

It will have an in-person meet-up aspect. Through connecting with existing venues, events and organizations, we will host events to help bring people together, as well as host more casual events, like coffee meet-ups.

We will also have profile pieces on publications, websites, blogs, organizations and other queer resources and highlight why they are such great assets to our community. This is where we highlight you, and the great things that you contribute to the queer community.

Help promote The Human Experience: Redefining Queer Culture and our Kickstarter project, so we can help promote you. Email me at emelinaminero@gmail.com for any information you need for your article or to set up an interview.

How We’re going to Promote Our Kickstarter Project

  • We Will Contact Media and Press to help promote us through articles, interviews and having us as guests on radio and podcast shows. We would also love to write guest articles and posts, or co-host shows for a day.

If you are a freelance writer, etc. pitch an article or interview to your publication. If you’re a blogger, write a post about us. If you want to conduct interviews, you can interview me, or you can interview any team member involved in this online publication/community. As soon as our team grows, I’ll publish bios of our team. Feel free to contact any us for interviews, guest articles or for co-hosting shows.

  • We Will Tap Into My Alumnae Network, Randolph-Macon Woman’s College.

I attended Randolph-Macon Woman’s College in Lynchburg, VA, which transitioned into Randolph-College my sophomore year.

A large part of this online publication/community is inspired by my time at Randolph-Macon Woman’s College and the culture and community that I experienced there. It was that community that helped me to love and accept myself and that helped me to grow into the strong individual that I am now. It was the Macon community that was my first experience of a strong queer community. I want to help create a similar community for queer individuals, globally. It’s my hope that The Human Experience: Redefining Queer Culture will help people not only to accept and grow into their queer identity, but that it will help them to grow into and love their whole identity.

To alumnae, I would appreciate any support from you, whether it be writing about The Human Experience: Redefining Queer Culture and our Kickstarter project, whether it be spreading the word by telling other alumnae, your colleagues, friends and family, whether it be getting involved with writing or whether it be through making a pledge come August 28th. You can email me at emelinaminero@gmail.com to get involved.

  • We Will Collaborate With Creative Types and Advocates

For those of you who I connected with via Curve Magazine, EDGE Media Network, Twitter, Facebook, Dot429 or through LGBTQ events, I’d love to collaborate with you on The Human Experience: Redefining Queer Culture. Or if I haven’t yet connected with you and you would like to get in touch with me, I would love to collaborate with you as well.

To creative types that I have interviewed in Curve Magazine, to authors that I reviewed in EDGE and to other creative types, entrepreneurs and advocates, I would love to interview you on your craft and your passion for the subscription based part of our website.

I would also love to connect with you on current projects you are working on for possible articles and interviews for our publication.

I would appreciate any support, from a link on your website to our Kickstarter project once we launch it on August 28th, to a blog post about it (that could also be promoting your up-coming article or interview), to a tweet to a Facebook share.

We’re also coming up with pledge rewards for the Kickstarter campaign. If you are an artist, we would appreciate any donations for pledge rewards, from one to a handful of autographed photos, to books, to DVDS, to CDs. This could also be a good platform to promote yourself as an artist. For anyone who donates items as pledge rewards, we will note you as sponsors for our Kickstarter project. Send me an email to let me know what you’re working on, to talk about an interview for our how-to portion of the website or to connect with me on donating pledge rewards to our Kickstarter project.

We’re also working on the Kickstarter video for The Human Experience: Redefining Queer Culture. It’s going to feature a number of people introducing themselves and talking about their passions and who they are, outside of their queer identity, and then it will relate back to their queer identity, if that’s relevant for the individual. If you would like to be part of the video, please email me at emelinaminero@gmail.com.

  • We Will Connect With Queer Events, Vacations, Businesses and Organizations

The Human Experience: Redefining Queer Culture will interview queer events, locations, community centers, businesses and organizations to help show community members what their community already has to offer them, to help individuals get out into their community and to help individuals develop a strong in-person queer community for themselves.

We will also collaborate with existing events and venues to host meet-ups among our community.

To events, businesses, vacations and organizations – please connect with me so I can get to know you and promote you to your community. If you are located in the Bay Area, I would love to meet with you in-person. As our team of staff grows, we’ll have more representatives around the U.S., and the world. We may soon have a community builder in the Amherst, MA area.

We would love your help in promoting The Human Experience: Redefining Queer Culture and our Kickstarter project, launching on August 28th. We would also appreciate any donations as pledge rewards or prizes for our Kickstarter project. Tickets to your events or vacation packages would make great pledge rewards or prizes, and they would be promoting you as well. If you’re a business with a product, like Wolfe Video, Good Vibrations and Cleis Press, you can donate books, movies and pleasure toys as pledge rewards, and you will be noted as sponsors to our Kickstarter project.

Contributions you make will either be used as pledge rewards, or we will use them as raffle prizes to help reach above and beyond our Kickstarter goal.

Email me at emelinaminero@gmail.com if you would like to become a sponsor of our Kickstarter project and donate something as a pledge reward or as a prize to be raffled off to pledgers.

  • We Will Expand Our Team

If The Human Experience: Redefining Queer Culture impassions you, join our team. We want to use the power of our team, of you, to connect with your local organizations, groups, events and businesses and to let them know about us, that we want to connect with them, promote them and work with them by hosting events, and also let them know that we would love for them to get involved in Kickstarter project. You can be a community builder in your town and help cultivate a strong in-person community for yourself and your city.

With you on our team, we can reach more people and spread the word about our Kickstarter project, and August 28th launch date, to more networks, to more blogs and to more publications.

With you on our team, we can gain your perspective as a writer. The Human Experience: Redefining Queer Culture represents you and your experience. It represents the identities and experiences of everyone who participates in our online publication and community. To make sure that your identity and experiences are represented, report on them and write about them.

Email me at emelinaminero@gmail.com if you’d like to join our team.

Why We’re Asking for $50,000 to $800,000 plus?

One, hosting, web design, logo creation, marketing costs, our launch party once we’ve successfully completed our Kickstarter project – we want to be able to do this well. (venues, food, entertainment, alcohol – we’ll be looking for sponsors in the Bay Area for our launch party, which will likely be around the end of October or the beginning of November.)

Two, travel expenses and costs for meeting with organizations, businesses, venues and people in-person. In-person, people-to-people connection is important and a big aspect of this publication-community.

Three, money to pay writers and staff for bringing this online publication-community to life and maintaining it.

The more money we raise, the stronger our launch of this online publication-community will be and the longer we will be able to make sure that it thrives and develops into a self-sustaining publication after the Kickstarter money is used.

Who Am I To Make This Happen?

Hi. 🙂 I am Emelina Minero. When it comes to writing, event planning and community building …

For my senior project in high school, I wrote, casted, promoted, directed and produced a variety show/play that I put on as a community event. My high school put on Gentlemen’s Quarterly, GQ, but it was only open to male contestants. I put on Ladies Quarterly so there could be a female equivalent, but I altered it slightly to make it more empowering, instead of having aspects that put value on our bodies. I took my life savings to put it on and made a profit, which I donated to a non-profit organization, Building Homes Building Hope (now, Una Vida).

My sophomore year in college, instead of making a 7 to 10 minute short film for my filmmaking class, I made a 45-minute rough cut documentary about the coed transition of my college and how it could impact our traditions as a woman’s college.

In college, I minored in Creative Writing, I wrote and edited for our student-run newspaper for three years and was the Editor-in-Chief my senior year. To incorporate a Communication’s theme into my Spanish senior paper, I wrote about citizen journalism, how it was impacting traditional journalism and its impact on Spanish culture.

I graduated from college in 2010, in that time, I delved into internet marketing, social media and community building. I created Community Bucket List, an online community that supports people in living their passions and achieving their goals through action-oriented bucket lists. I also co-created the Love Warrior Community with my mom, a therapist who specializes in helping people recover from eating disorders. The Love Warrior Community helps people to cultivate self-love, self-acceptance and body acceptance through creative expression: writing, art, music, photos and videos.

After graduating, I also got into freelance editing and writing. I’ve edited non-fiction books, a novel, newsletters, website copy, college essays and blog posts. I’ve also copyedited for Curve Magazine online and have proofread for their print magazine.

I interned with Curve Magazine, the best-selling lesbian magazine in the U.S. from September, 2011 to March/April, 2012. As an intern, I was their lead editorial assistant. Aside from writing in both their print and online magazine, I got to see and take part in a lot of the behind-the-scene process of making a successful publication. Now, I continue to work for them as a freelance writer.

I’ve also been writing book reviews for EDGE Gay Media Network since last November, 2011. I’ve been published in Autostraddle recently, and I do a lot of blogging, as well (Eating Disorder Recovery Support, Self-Love Warrior, Emelina Minero Writes: Queer Musings & Creative Fancies, Community Bucket List & soon I’ll be writing for ToughxCookies).

This past year, I also helped create a LGBTQ club at the local junior college, with the hope of it being a stepping point to create a larger queer community in my hometown, as well as in the surrounding cities.

I make my dreams happen. This dream is no different than the others that have become a reality. Read, I’m Creating a Queer Magazine-ish-Community Site to read more about my background and passion for making this come to life.

How You Can Help

Share this post on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Tumblr, WordPress, Email and any other way you can think of.

Also read and share this post on why this magazine-community site is being created.

Thank You

Thank you so much for your support. The more people who get involved by writing, by spreading the word, by pledging, by reading our content or by coming to our in-person events, the richer our publication-community will be.


About emelinaminero

I'm passionate about people, community, self-love and the diversity in the human experience.



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